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We Help Small Businesses Find Customers Online

A Private Client Suite of custom digital marketing services that help you get found online, build instant credibility and drive traffic to grow your company.

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Affordable online marketing that gets results!

Haven't you spent enough money on marketing that doesn't get results? Social media doesn't have to be hard, time consuming or expensive, it just has to work! That's why everything we do at Astute Social Media is designed to do one thing...bring you customers! Simply select a service or combination of services from our expertly performed gigs directory to create your automated marketing strategy. We do the rest!


Great Communication

Our dedicated support team speaks English as a first language and we are all accomplished business owners who understand the urgency of addressing challenges quickly to keep your business growing.


Save Time

Watch your productivity soar when you finally free yourself from boring, routine or mundane tasks so you can work more "on your business" and less "in your business". Our digital marketing experts are reliable and organized so you never have to worry about your critical marketing tasks getting done on time, every time.


Zero Management

Set it and forget it. All of our gigs are push button simple. Once you select the digital marketing tasks that you want to delegate from your list, they're gone! No hiring, training or oversight is necessary. Choose optional reporting for an additional level of confidence that your gig is done right.


If you are considering working with Astute Social Media - DO IT!!!! I wholeheartedly recommend their services. Not only have they doubled our email list in just a few months, their Facebook ads have driven traffic to our evergreen webinar, which has led to ongoing sales conversions for our digital program.

Emily Grace

Co-Owner (Acting Pros)


Dedicated Support

Email your questions, comments or concerns 24 hours per day.


Satisfaction Guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, we're not happy.


No Contracts

Begin and end when you like. No fine print, no funny business.


When we engaged Astute Social Media to help us build our Twitter following, we had three followers, and all of them were personal acquaintances. Within three months, we went from 3 to more than 1,140 followers, and the rate of new followers per week is now increasing exponentially. Followers are also now engaging with our content in much greater depth and investment of time.

Michael Meurer

Founder of Meurer Group


What We Do

All client strategy is guided by a detailed plan and a clear process for achieving results.


Your Digital Marketing Strategist

Hi, I'm Chris Lawson. I am the founder and Chief Digital Strategist of Astute Social Media, a Burbank, California based digital marketing and social media company.

We help successful small businesses get the clarity, strategies, and tools they need to find customers online.

If you want to dominate the internet and generate a consistent flow of new customers for your business, you are in the right place. Welcome!