Narvi"s Truck & Auto Service - Facebook Ads to Find New Employees

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Narvi"s Truck & Auto Service - Facebook Ads to Find New Employees
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Hi Jackie,

Per our phone call, I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page and to briefly recap what you get with this service.

First, we work with you to get images, ad bullet points, company culture and any other information that you want to include for the open position(s) you currently have available.

We will take all of this information and create a series of compelling Facebook ads and then display them to a highly targeted group of qualified candidates within a 25-50 mile radius of your shop (we can expand this later if needed). We will continually split-test results to optimize campaigns. This will bring advertising costs down and generate more qualified applications.

I can send over detailed reporting on the campaigns per your request. And if you'd like to go over the results, we can always schedule a quick call.

A nice side benefit to running ads on Facebook is that you can generate likes for your business page at the same time by inviting people who like your ad to like your business page. If you don't have someone on your team who can handle this we will be happy to do it for you.

Although we will request that each applicant email a resume to you in the job post and again through a messenger message, often they fail to do this. It is important that someone on your team is checking Facebook and Indeed periodically to reply to any new applicants who have failed to email a resume to you.

Another thing I've found is that people will often see the ad on Facebook then hop over to Indeed to apply because their resume and work history has been uploaded there and it is easier for them.

We will also setup/optimize your career page and add all new jobs to this page for you. We then connect Facebook to your newly optimized Indeed page to drive more qualified applications for each of your open positions.

I've found that it is very effective if you are willing to offer a referral bonus. The structure would be one-half of the referral bonus to be offered upon hire and one-half after the new employee has completed their first 30 days successfully. Let me know if you would like to offer this incentive to someone who refers a new employee.

The service renews monthly so if you have not found a suitable candidate or you plan to post ads for other positions, simply do nothing and we will continue to manage your ads for you. Buck Monson keeps us on "retainer" and we have worked on several positions for him over the past year.

If you'd like to cancel at any time, simply let me know or cancel through your custom online dashboard.

Getting started is easy, just click the blue button that says “Subscribe for $397” on the right side of this page and our team will get started right away. We will ask you some quick questions about your open positions and Facebook ad budget then we’ll get started building out a full Facebook Ads campaign for you right away.

Just click “Subscribe” on the right side of this page to get started.

Warmest regards,


About Facebook:
Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over 2 billion active users. In addition, they have pioneered ways to laser target ad delivery for virtually any market and do this very cost-effectively. If you want to start conversations drive traffic and build awareness of your brand with your ideal target clients, you must have a Facebook ad strategy in place for your business.

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What you can expect:
  • You can expect to receive a consistent flow of qualified applications for all of your open positions.
  • We will set up and monitor Facebook Ads to attract qualified employees.
  • Weekly reporting is available upon request.
  • We will set up, monitor and update Indeed job posts.
  • We will invite people who like your Facebook posts to like your page. This will expand your engagement and grow your audience.
  • We will set up your Career Page.
  • We will write professional advertisement(s) for each position you are currently hiring for.
  • We will post your open positions to LinkedIn industry groups.
  • We will post your open positions to Facebook industry Pages.
  • We will split-test ad copy, images, audience interests, etc. This will reduce the cost of your ads and generate more qualified candidates for all of your open positions.
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What we need from you:
  • Please remember, the last thing we want to do is add more work to your plate. Everything we request is helpful for getting you the best quality candidates but we can work around some items in order to keep things moving.
  • What positions are you looking to fill?
  • Copies of any job descriptions for the positions that you are looking to fill.
  • Copies of your employee benefits.
  • Anything that may make your shop stand out versus your competitors.
  • Copies of any old ads that you have run for these positions.
  • Access to your Facebook business page and Ad manager.
  • Access to your account. If you don't have one, we will set it up for you.
  • Any good pictures/images you have of your shop. The best images are action shots of your employees smiling. They can be taken with mobile phone cameras.
Service faq icon
  • Is the Facebook ad budget included in this monthly fee?
  • No. You will need to provide a method of payment to Facebook inside the ad manager and establish a separate daily budget for ad delivery. We recommend a minimum of $10 per day and suggest $25 per day for best results.
  • Do you charge a finders fee or referral fee when you find me a Technician?
  • No. Our monthly service fee is all you pay to Astute Social Media no matter how many employees we help you find.
  • Do you charge to write the ads?
  • No. All ad writing, posting, testing and updating is done by us. Of course you may request approval of all ads before they go live.