Twitter for Business

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Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business
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Growing your Twitter followers dramatically is hard work but the payoff can be exponential. Let us do the heavy lifting by identifying the tens of thousands of people and brands who are interested in what you do and get them to follow you. This is a social media service that focuses on dramatic follower growth. We designed this service specifically for busy business owners and solopreneurs who have something to say and are looking to grow their brand and sales through Twitter, with minimal effort on your part.

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What you can expect:
  • 200 - 900+ New Twitter followers every month
  • Followers are real people and brands who have shown interest in your topic
  • Monthly follower growth and Twitter account analytics available upon your request
  • Daily engagement with your content including likes, re-tweets and link clicks
  • Direct message with link to your website sent to each new follower to drive traffic
  • Monthly custom GIF tweet pinned to profile page to increase follows and engagement
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What we need from you:
  • Access to your Twitter account
  • Description of your target market or ideal client profile
  • Any direct competitors on Twitter with a large following
  • Whitelist of any Twitter accounts you want to remain following (if necessary)
  • The url of your website where you would like to send traffic from Twitter
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  • Why can't you tell me exactly how many followers I will receive?
  • There are several factors that determine how rapidly your account can grow. Although we've found that some niches are more engaged and simply grow faster than others, in general it is related to the size of your account from the start. Once we build good momentum and your follower count begins to grow, results accumulate and you will receive a steadily increasing amount of followers each month.
  • Are these real followers?
  • Yes all new followers are 100% real and are interested in your topic. Many services claim to add Twitter followers but what you get are mostly farmed networks or fake accounts. That won't help you grow your business and that's not what we offer.
  • How do you find followers who are interested in my topic?
  • Once you provide us with your ideal customer profile, we'll focus our efforts on a particular niche or target market. For example, if your product or service targets actors, then we will focus on getting actors and people interested in acting to follow you.
  • How quickly will my gig get started?
  • Once your order is complete your gig is generally underway within 48 hours, and your gig engineer will be in touch as soon as it kicks off to let you know.
  • This gig includes liking, sharing, commenting and direct messaging to increase engagement and following. What types of comments are they?
  • Replies are custom written and will relate to the original tweet. Direct messages sent to new followers are specifically written to promote your website, product or service and can be anything you want them to say. Likes and shares may be used as well to draw attention to your content and encourage people to follow you.
  • How do you find followers for my account?
  • If you know your keywords, popular hashtags or top competitors on Twitter that's great! We can use this information to find large pools of people on Twitter eager to follow you and hear what you have to say. If you don't have this information, no worries. We will do this research for you based on the product or service you offer and your ideal client/customer profile.
  • What if I decide this gig isn't a good fit for my business?
  • There are no contracts so you can cancel anytime. We also have a full 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Do you tweet content to my account?
  • You remain in control of all the content you post. Tweet all you want, we make sure your message is heard by amplifying your message and bringing the right audience to you. We do not post any tweets for you. This allows you to focus on tweeting the best content possible.
  • Will this gig unfollow any accounts I've personally followed?
  • Yes. Part of the process of cleaning up your account and keeping it well maintained is to purge any accounts that we find to be inactive, irrelevant, or don't follow you back. These accounts will be unfollowed in the course of running this gig If there are certain profiles that you would like to continue following, please send us a whitelist of these accounts immediately after purchase. For example - friends, family, colleagues, industry related accounts, etc.
  • How do you grow my Twitter account?
  • Each day we perform a variety of tasks in order to grow your account. These include: following relevant accounts via keyword and hashtag discovery, following accounts that follow your competitors, unfollowing inactive or irrelevant accounts, retweeting, liking relevant tweets, etc to organically grow your audience.